Jumbo Coconut Bowl with Spoon and Fork




Combo of Jumbo Bowl with Coconut wooden Spoon and Fork set. Coconut Bowl Large (450 – 500 ml) are 150% larger in size than normal Coconut Bowls. They are best suited for salads, breakfasts, desserts, etc,. Can Serve Meals, which will make us to feel excited to have food in the CocoBowls.
100% Natural Coconut Bowl, hand-crafted with each having a unique shape. Polished with natural oil, eco-friendly and durable. Perfect for your morning breakfast smoothies, milk & cereal or for snacking!

Completely hand crafted which will have unique shape and sizes with each Bowls.

Size: Dia. – 11-12 cm | Height – 7-8 cm

Volume : 450 – 500 ml

Weight : 250 g (Along with 100 % Eco-Friendly Packaging)


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